The Top 3 Web Design Software in Use Today

wpWhen designing a website, a variety of tools are used by web designers to facilitate the creation of a website from scratch. One might ask though, if all the web design software is essentially used to design and create HTML pages, why does such a huge variety of software exist for this purpose? Often, the design process gets considerably complex and consumes a ton of time. This calls for effective and efficient web design software to streamline the design process based on personal preference; thus the existence of numerous web design software with varying degrees of control and learning curves.

Right now, if a number of web designers are asked about the top web design software, one is bound to receive different answers. Truth is, there are no top software in this category; therefore, we are going to list the 3 most-used holistic web design software instead.

1.     Adobe Creative Cloud

If you have ever practiced web design, chances are, you have used at least a few of the bevy of available software by Adobe. The Adobe Creative Cloud is a complete suite which incorporates a diverse range of products; including those that have become prevalent in web design today, like the Adobe Dreamweaver package. Dreamweaver is currently the most used web design software in existence, and has attained immense popularity due to the intuitive process involved in designing even the most advanced websites.

2.     Microsoft Expression Web

Since the advent of FrontPage, Microsoft managed to capture a rather large portion of people who were new to web design and just wanted to create simple web pages. FrontPage is now effectively dead, with the powerful and effective Microsoft Expression Web package taking its place. Compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio for those who intend to work with the ASP.NET environment, Expression Web enables the seamless creation of HTML pages using XML and CSS. The inclusion of handy tools like SEO campaign reporting, and browser diagnostics have made Expression Web a popular choice for both beginner and advanced designers alike.

3.     WordPress

Commonly thought of as just a blogging platform, WordPress is so much more! The platform can be used as a gateway to create a fully-functional custom Content Management System according to your preferences. This enables one to easily manage a large number of websites without much effort. Among the web design community, WordPress is often regarded as the best free platform for web design period. The simple WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface is complemented with advanced features like databases and a host of both free and paid plugins for increased customization and built-to-order features.

There you have it; our pick of the top 3 web design software in existence! Bottom-line: pick whichever software you feel at ease working with; there is no best option in this field. Newbie web designers often prefer simple WYSIWYG web design software without bothering with the code, but it is generally advisable to learn at least basic HTML to understand what goes on behind the scenes. Pretty much all web design software includes an HTML editor anyway. Get started!