Top 5 Design Skills You Will Need to Remain a Player in the Field

webdesign-skillsWhether you are an aspiring web designer, or have been in the field for the last several years, you are bound to learn something from our list of the top 5 web design skills which will ensure that you remain a strong player in the arena. Let’s take a look!

1.     Content Development

What comes to mind when you think of web design? The visual aspects of a website probably! Fact is, while many consider the visual appeal of a website as the primary part of web design, it is not so anymore. At the pace the arena is evolving, the importance of quality content has taken a lead over just aesthetic appeal. Even search engines have begun employing semantic algorithms to crawl through a website’s content to determine the subject matter’s relevance in order to list it in the rankings. Crafting content that communicates the right stuff to the visitor and compels them to take the desired action is an art form, and is more valued than the visual design of a website in the present era.

2.     Graphic Design

Contrary to what might have seemed reading the aforementioned information, graphic design is still a critical skill for web designers. Aesthetic appeal of a website retains its importance, albeit not at the same levels as before. The surface effect of a website is the first thing that visitors notice when they land on a web page; make sure it grabs attention while not being overly aggressive or unprofessional. Simple, yet elegant is the preferred form of graphic design today.

3.     Continual Learning

Being one of the most diverse fields today, web design revolves around the evolution of technology. This effectively means that, new technologies and software will continue popping up every few months, even days in some cases, and you will have to adapt continuously. To do so, continual learning is an essential skill that all web designers must have. The pace cannot be dropped if you are a web designer or plan to be one!

4.     Code Production

While most corporate websites get the coding part outsourced due to the amount of sheer grunt-work that is required, one should at least be aware of the basics of code production in HTML and CSS in order to be a well-rounded web designer. Knowing what’s going on behind the scenes can be incredibly beneficial when planning and designing the other aspects of a website.

5.     Search Engine Optimization

Yes, you read it right, Search Engine Optimization! All web designers need to have SEO burned right within their brains, since all on-page SEO falls within the domain of the web designer. Without effective SEO deployment during the creation of the website, traffic is sure to lag behind. If no one visits the website, will the rest of the design matter at all?


Mastering web design is no mean feat; but one can climb the ladder rung-by-rung to get closer to perfection. Stick to it, be eager to learn, and for starters, focus on developing the skills we mentioned!